2018年10月29日 星期一

HSK 2-3 Listening Comprehension | Halloween in Taiwan

This is a Chinese monologue about Halloween in Taiwan.

And it's a listening comprehension practice about this coming holiday in north America. :)

This is my first time making a video lesson without any English, so I'm setting the level at HSK 2-3 according the grammar and vocabulary I used in the video.

Hope you enjoy it! :)
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2018年10月21日 星期日

HSK 1 Vocabulary Lesson 14 | Chinese Vocab. Training Lesson

Here is our 14th Chinese Vocabulary training lesson,
I hope you like it.

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2018年10月20日 星期六

SMART Mandarin Website Tour

This is a short tour of my online video lesson website, in case you are wondering where are all my other video lessons.
And if you are interested, please check it out!

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Thank you!

How to say "Chinese is HARD to learn" in Mandarin

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2018年10月17日 星期三

HSK 1 Listening Comprehension Taiwan Night Market & Snacks 1

HSK 1 Listening Comprehension 

Taiwan Night Market & Snacks 1

I've been inspired so much by my experiences of studying German online, and I want to apply my learning techniques to teaching Mandarin in my lessons.
So this will be my next project, working on training students' listening by listening to a short conversation or a passage.
I'll start with reading the essential vocabulary in the audio first then the passage. Students can listen to the audio as many times as they want. And also they need to do some review exercise after listening.
Before I start this project, please let me know if you have any suggestions or topics you want to listen to, I will appreciate it sooo much!!!! 
Here is the script of this listening 
台灣小吃 (Traditional Chinese characters)
在台灣,最有名的地方叫夜市,夜市的英文是night market.
雞排,珍珠奶茶, 臭豆腐 都是我們有名的小吃。

Táiwān xiǎochī
táiwān shì yígè hěn xiǎo de guójiā, wǒmen yǒu hěnduō hào chī de dōngxī.
Zài táiwān, zuì yǒumíng dì dìfāng jiào yèshì, yèshì de yīngwén shì night market.
Zài táiwān zuì yǒumíng de yèshì shì shì lín yèshì. Shì lín yèshì zài táiběi, hěnduō wàiguó rén huò táiwān rén dōu xǐhuān qù nàlǐ.
Yīnwèi nàlǐ yǒu hěnduō hào chī de táiwān xiǎochī. Yǒu jǐ gè yǒumíng de táiwān xiǎochī nǐ yīdìng yào zhīdào.
Jī pái, zhēnzhū nǎichá, chòu dòufu dōu shì wǒmen yǒumíng de xiǎochī.
Xià cì nǐ rúguǒ yǒu jīhuì lái táiwān, yíldìng yào qù táiwān de yèshì, cháng cháng wǒmen hào chī de táiwān xiǎochī.

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2018年10月9日 星期二

HSK 1 - Vocabulary Lesson Series is COMING SOON!!!

 Besides teaching for school, teaching my own private students in Hsinchu 
and students from around the world on Skype.
I'm still working on my new video lesson project- HSK1 Vocabulary Lessons🎉
I'm soooo excited to announce that it's gonna launch soon!!!
You’ll learn more than five Chinese vocabulary and know how to make sentences using them properly, at the same time, you also get some listening comprehension training in every video lesson.👍🏻💪

We remain each lesson within 6 minutes so you won’t get too overwhelmed
by learning.

Also we encourage all of my online students to build up sentences and mail me for corrections.☺️
The idea of this project is based on my experience of learning my foreign languages and to think from a students prospective.
So I believe it’s going to be super helpful to my online students.❤️
I’ll release the series by the end of this month and add up videos regularly.
I can’t wait to launch it.
I’ll keep you a shout out right here once this series is ready to serve !!😉
For these who wants to learn Chinese at home with ease. I suggest you come visit my website 🇹🇼😉😊💕

See you soon in class 😊
See ya
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2018年10月8日 星期一

What will you learn from our video lessons?

Audio Lessons
Our audio lessons are topic by topic; students can use the class search engine on our website and find the topic they wish to learn from our audio lesson section. Students will learn a useful phrase from each audio. It’s easy and short!

Video Lessons
There are a total of six sections of our video lessons. They are all structured step-by-step for your learning. Here are our lesson categories and details:

  • PronunciationIf you are a TOTAL BEGINNER OF CHINESE you MUST start our lesson from this category. You will be learning PINYIN – the pronunciation system of Mandarin Chinese. We will teach you from the very beginning. You’ll start by learning tons of Chinese, the introduction of Pinyin system, how to mark the tone lines, tone practice, tone changing rules, Pinyin initial sounds, and Pinyin final sounds, We will guide you all the way though. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be able to speak in Chinese by reading Pinyin and also how to type with pinyin input on your computer!
  • Intro to ChineseIn this category, you’ll learn greetings, numbers, and survival phrases. And all the way to basic structures, grammatical rules as well as how to use correct Chinese grammar in a conversation properly.
    Included are daily conversations, such as shopping, eating, ordering food, telling weekdays and time, family, fruit, ordering a cup of coffee to bargaining, and giving directions!
    There’s one thing that you should keep in mind when studying this category: Please watch the videos in sequence on our website since each video contains some grammatical rules. You should watch and learn step-by-step.
  • Lower IntermediateIn this section, not only will you be able to take your Chinese to another level knowing how to form a longer sentence or conversation in Mandarin with proper grammatical structures, but you’ll also learn different daily topics, ranging from hair salon Chinese to banking Chinese. 
    Here we also strongly advise you watch the videos with our scheduled sequence one by one in order to learn more efficiently and systematically.
  • All About TaiwanIn this category, you’ll learn
    • Taiwanese/Chinese night market culture
    • famous Taiwanese/Chinese food
    • how to rent an apartment in Taiwan
    • ordering a cup of milk tea like a local
    • how to book a train ticket in Taiwan
    • the Taiwanese metro system
    • how to deal with a car accident in Taiwan
    • and many other useful, cultural topics as well as some survival phrases
    In this category, students can choose the topic they wish to learn without following the order of our videos. 
  • Everyday SlangEvery language has its own special and interesting slang, and in this category we show you some cute and catchy Chinese expressions. Just sit back and enjoy!
Whether you want to have a great conversation with the locals, get around Taiwan/ China with ease, use Chinese for business, or even pass your Mandarin proficiency tests with flying colors, we hope you find our video lessons serve you and help you achieve your goals.
If you have any questions regarding any of our lessons, don’t forget to leave your comment or question under the video. We’ll be happy to help! Or if you want to have a one-on-one Skype lesson with teacher Katrina for practicing your Chinese, you can also schedule a Skype lesson with us here. (smartmandarinchinese@gmail.com)
In order to perform a better quality of our lesson and keep your Chinese up to date, we upload and renew our video lessons every month. Any changes or updates to our lessons do not change or affect your studies at all!
Finally, we hope you enjoy our lessons at your own pace!
See you in class 
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Katrina Lee

How to say I changed my mind in Mandarin

In this lesson, you'll learn how express changing your state of mind in Mandarin in many different situations. Telling people that you don't want something which you wanted previously.

We have many more video lessons for beginners and lower intermediate students, if you are interested in learning Mandarin with me, please visit my website here.

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How to say I CHANGED MY MIND in Mandarin






Indicate change of status


yào chī zhège hànbǎo

want to eat this hamburger.


wǒ búyào chīle

I don’t want to eat (now)


yào qù táiběi

want to go to Taipei.


wǒ búyào qùle

I don’t want to go (now).


yào mǎi yí liàng chē

want to buy a car.


wǒ bú yào mǎile

I don’t want to buy (now)


wǒ yào
gēn nǐ zài yìqǐ

want to be with you.


wǒ búyào le

I don’t want it (now)






Indicate change of


wǒ yào chī zhège hànbǎo

I want to eat this hamburger.


wǒ búyào chīle

I don’t want to eat


wǒ yào qù táiběi

I want to go to Taipei.


wǒ búyào qùle

I don’t want to go


wǒ yào mǎi yí liàng chē

I want to buy a car.


wǒ bú yào mǎile

I don’t want to buy


wǒ yào gēn nǐ zài yìqǐ

I want to be with you.


wǒ búyào le

I don’t want it (now)